Thank you from your winner Callum!

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for voting me the winner of the Cells Zone! It was very unexpected, the other scientists were all great, but I’m glad I won.

My plan is to make some tutorial videos about Neuroscience that fit into the Human Biology curriculum. These will cover topics like different parts of the brain and what they do, and what happens when different parts get damaged, how memory works and how drugs affect the brain.

Neuroscience is such an exciting subject but this might not always seem the case when you are just learning about it from a textbook, so my videos will show examples of experiments people have done on the brain, how we have found out what we know about the brain today, and some of the most cutting edge research that is letting us discover more about the brain than ever.

Hopefully they will help you get find neuroscience as interesting as I do and inspire some of you to become scientists yourselves.


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